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Aquarium Supplements

  • Coral RX Coral Dip- 8oz

    Coral Rx – a different type of coral dip Coral Rx was designed by keeping the health of your coral in mind. Our proprietary blend of natural ingredients contains no iodine, which is known to stain corals, nor does Coral Rx contain oxidizers whose...

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  • Fritz Water Clarifier- Starting at

    Quickly Clears Cloudy Water Clumps Together Suspended Particles That Affect Clarity Improves Filter Efficiency For Fresh and Saltwater Systems, Plant and Reef Safe Phosphate Free Made is the USA Cloudy, discolored water is caused by...

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  • FritzGuard- Starting at

    FritzGuard®   Makes Tap Water Safe for Aquatic Life Removes Chlorine and Chloramine Detoxifies Heavy Metals Reduces Stress Promotes Healing & Slime Coat Provides Electrolytes Promotes Nitrification pH...

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  • FritzZyme 360 FW- Starting at

    FritzZyme® 360 Freshwater Aquarium Cleaner      Promotes a Clean, Clear & Healthy Aquarium Reduces & Simplifies Maintenance Bacteria Rapidly Digests Waste Eliminates Foul Odors Biologically Assists...

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  • FritzZyme 7 Freshwater- Starting at

    The ORIGINAL LIVE Nitrifying Bacteria   Rapidly Eliminates Toxic Ammonia and Nitrite Allows Safe Immediate Introduction of Livestock Prevents “New Tank Syndrome” Establishes and Maintains a Healthy Biofilter Prevents...

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