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Dog Treats

  • Heavenly Hounds

    Heavenly Hounds works naturally to calm dogs during storms, fireworks, owner separation or traveling.     Dogs love the taste of Heavenly Hounds and results can typically be expected within minutes of treatment.     Our...

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  • Himalayan Dog Chew- Starting at

    Himalayan Dog Chew was born from an ancient recipe for a hard cheese snack chewed by the people if the Himalayas. In the mountains surrounding Mt. Everest at more than 15,000ft, it is made using traditional methods with yak and cow milk, and all natural...

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  • Weruva Pumpkin Patch Up! 2.8oz

    Our pumpkin supplement is a great source of healthy fiber helping to support your best friend's digestive system. Weruva combines the healthy digestive benefits of pumpkin in an easy to serve pouch. Supports Stool Quality Soluble & insoluble...

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